Renova - COPEC success story

Renova - COPEC raised the need to improve the performance of all its solar and wind power plants in gas stations throughout Chile.

It was necessary to monitor its entire renewable energy network, and integrate the information of the two types of energy generation into a single platform, allowing access from anywhere.

Thanks to wireless technology and the Clickie management platform, we helped fulfill Renova's mission of increasing operational performance, while maintaining the high standards of COPEC.

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Unlimited monitoring

Clickie managed to solve the most complex aspect of Renova's mission: its great geographical extension and the need to access all of the information remotely 24 hours a day.

Long distances

Using high-precision, non-invasive wireless technology, geographic barriers were broken down to capture, map and analyze data from the entire Renova renewable energy network throughout Chile.

Integrated and available information

We incorporated all the generation variables into the Clickie platform, and safeguarded all data in the cloud to allow COPEC to access its information at any time and from anywhere in the world.

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Key indicators

Clickie allowed the creation of sustainable indicators (amount of CO2 no longer emitted, houses supplied with renewable energy, phones that could be charged) and economic indicators (money saved thanks to renewable energy).

Possibility of crossing any variable

Thanks to the power of Clickie's synthetic variables and big data, it was possible to generate key indicators with any monitored parameter, and enrich them by crossing information and adding multipliers or own variables that did not exist in the platform.

Any kind of renewable energy

Clickie allowed Renova to work with wind and solar energy data. Potentially, it is possible to include any kind of energy, and even better, any variable that can be monitored, since Clickie is a hardware agnostic platform.

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Clickie monitoring and management system

Variable monitoring

Monitor any type of variable that can be measured with sensors or meters.

Timely information

Clear and detailed information at the right time, addressed to those responsible for each process.

Asset management

Know the status and location of your company's assets in real time.

Fault detection

Identify equipment failure risks in time to prevent shutdowns.

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Integrative platform

The Clickie platform is an environment designed to integrate all the variables of renewable energy generation, and display process information in an organized manner.

Monitor everything from your dashboard

Clickie shows all relevant information right in your dashboard, with key indicators, charts, statistics and customizable information cards, so you can keep your processes under control.

Keep your data protected in the cloud

All the information about your processes is preserved in the Clickie Cloud under the highest security standards. You will have access to your data when you need it and from any device with an internet connection.

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Digital avatar

With Clickie, you get a digital representation of your renewable power plants. At a glance, you can monitor the status of assets and the main indicators in your facilities.

Asset management

You can manage your assets directly from the avatar. Check their status, their energy consumption, whether they are active or out of service, among other indicators. Use the automation service to turn your electrical equipment on and off remotely.

Control of critical points

Get visual indicators of critical events in your avatar to quickly identify where they are taking place, and be able to make decisions at the right time.

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Alarms and notifications

Do you want to keep posted about important or unforeseen events? Clickie's alarms and notification system makes the automation of variable monitoring more reliable.

Configurable alarms

Create any number of custom alarms for each monitored variable, and stay alert to critical events that require your attention.

Custom notifications

Set up notifications for defined events and designate recipients in charge. Receive notifications on all your devices.

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Manage your renewable power plants

With Clickie, you have the best tools to improve the performance of your operational processes.

  • Customize the platform with your brand colors and logo.
  • Download your information in Excel.
  • Import your own data or export it through the Clickie API.
  • Incorporate all the information of your activity in a single platform.
  • Create your processes or synthetic variables from the information gathered by monitoring.
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